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We maintain our high quality production standards with our principles of efficiency, sustainability and timely deliveries . The fact that our factories are experienced in the field of all kinds of circular knitted and light woven apparel gives us flexibility in terms of planning and deadlines as well as product diversity.

We produce 1,1 million in our factories and 400.000 in our subcontractors, all of which are fully approved facilities, capable for both fashion and license production, totaling 1.5 million pcs mth.

We strengthen the bond between us with you with our quality, flexibility in production and high, on time delivery rate.

Our factories increase their efficiency day by day with the use of automation, enabling us to deliver quality products at the best price and in a short term.

  • Established : 2020
  • Monthly Capacity: 450.000 / Monthly
  • Activity Area: 3.000m2
  • Established : 2021
  • Monthly Capacity: 400.000 / Monthly
  • Activity Area: 3.500m2

Cutting / Sewing / Control / Ironing Package

In our facilities, we produce for both high volume customers and luxury brand groups.

Fabric in House

The fabrics received in our warehouse are checked for colour, weight and surface appearance. While these controls continue, physical tests are carried out in our accredited laboratory.


abrics approved for quality standards are laid for cutting after the relaxation period expires. After laying, it is cut with a cutter according to the appropriate assortment.

Printing / Embroidery / External Operations

Our experienced external production team, run pre- production in the relevant companies and start the operations after all the necessary tests are completed. Incoming semi-finished products are controlled and classified accordingly.


The semi finished products are incorporated into the sewing lines which are set-up in alignment to the planned orders. In-line quality control is carried out during production.

Ironing / Package

Packaging is carried out in accordance to the customers requests as flat packed or on hangers.

Final Control

Our final quality control process starts as goods come off the ironing board, by our internal quality team.


Ermoda’s own trucks deliver the finished and controlled goods to the relevant warehouses.

Technical Department and
Risk Analysis

Risk analysis meetings are organised where our technical department share ideas and suggestions for each style after order approval.

These meetings entail that all details such as the cutting method, specific points to be considered, the yarn to be used, the most suitable interlining for the styles are clarified. After all the preperations for accessories and packing details are planned and in place, the pre-production of the style is run, before advancing to the main production.

Our technical department works one-on-one with the production team and has full knowledge of all stages of the productin progress, they work together in the prevention of any possible problems in advance