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From past to present , from 7 to 70, we all have passions and we want to carry a part of the heroes we love, the TV series we are a fan of, or the music groups we listen to , to colour our daily lives . Licensed products make a difference.


What is a license?

It is the right to use branded animations, clubs, characters, heroes, artists or works for a certain period of time.





What benefits does the license bring to the brand?
  • It adds value to the product.
  • It provides two-way brand perception.
  • It is part of popular culture.
  • It reaches large audiences.



Why should you choose license production with Ermoda?
  • Their team of experts provides all kinds of technical and design support in this field to your company.
  • They give you a special service by transferring the licenses to the projects you desire.
  • They provide a fast and accurate service due to their experience.
  • Ermoda handles all the necessary approvals and royalties without tiring you.
How is Ermoda so strong in licensing?
  • A broad portfolio of licenses.
  • Over 25 years of experience.
  • The ability to combine design and license.
  • The power to combine license and production.
  • Solid, long term collaborations with licensing brands.
What does Ermoda do in the license area?

Ermoda produces knitted and light woven products in the field of ready-to-wear.

They source your needs within the scope of license agreements for categories other than knitted garments through their sourcing company ERM Group.




If we do not have the license you need,

let us know what you need and we will start the process for you..