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The basis of the ready-made clothing industry is people.

Investing in people is the most important factor both for the sector and for a sustainable world.

Knowing that our most important asset is people, we focus on how we can unleash the potential and strength of our employees.

With the awareness of the importance of development, we provide training opportunities in line with the needs of our employees.

We know that a suitable working environment will increase motivation and increase productivity, and we offer our colleagues working and resting areas that adapt to trends.

With the awareness that our employees are members of our family, we are always by them.

As the Ermoda family, we proudly feel the value of investing in people.

The management of Ermoda employs a policy in which employees have the right to speak together with the principles of transparency, equality, justice, impartiality and where non- discrimination prevails.

Our Recreation Areas
We are aware of the importance of resting as well as working. We take care to provide suitable environments for our friends and make innovations in line with their demands.
Our Activities
Knowing the value of motivation, belonging and being a family, we regularly organize activities with our colleagues.
Women Power
We always emphasize the importance, power and value of women in society. Our female employees make up 71% of our company.

In addition, for your wishes and complaints, you can contact us at the e-mail address below,

* keeping your personal information confidential.r