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  • When were we founded?


  • What are we producing ?

Knitted /jersey clothing (t-shirts , sweatshirts, trousers, dresses, shorts, skirts, pajamas ) and light woven clothing.

  • For whom are we producing ?

Baby , child , women , men.

  • What are our leadtimes ?

6-8 weeks for fashion , 5-7 weeks for basic , 4-6 weeks for repeats.

  • What is our capacity?

Around 1.5 Million per month.

  • Where do we manufacture?

Internal production in our 3 factories, 2 of which are in Van and 1 in Giresun , and contract manufacturing in distinguished workshops in Istanbul and Anatolia..

  • How many people do we employ?

Direct 1000, indirect 10.000.

  • Which countries do we export to?  

UK , Poland, Spain , Israel , Dubai.

  • What are our values?  

Transparency, innovation , R&D development , diversity , trust , employment , environmental protection , sustainability.

  • Why should you choose to work with us? 

High quality , good price performance , fast service and short leadtime , special designs , license service.

  • What are our other companies ? 

ERM SOURCING is our sourcing company . Apart from circular knitted ready to wear , we source and deliver a wide range of licensed and non licensed products for you

Ermoda Iplık (yarn): ERMODA IPLIK is our yarn company We domestically and internationally supply yarns we source from abroad.


Carrying our name amongst the best by combining quality and good service.

To spread the awareness of diversity, flexibility and being an environmentally friendly company by increasing the employment rate in our country.

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