As Ermoda Textile our target is;

  • To protect environment and expand this principle troughout whole our neighborhood, our country and whole world,
  • To prevent excess waste production by ensuring the use of materials in the most effective way,
  • To reduce carbon emission with certain yearly targets by minimizing energy consumption,
  • To consume any kind of natural sources and energy sources with the best effective and economical way, to control all kinds of pollutions including noice pollution, to reduce the negative impacts of our activities towards environment and human health, to increase awareness of our employess towards health, safety and environmental protection issues,
  • To work for continuous improvement of environmental management system within the scope of the company’s green policy.

In accordance with this scope;

  • It is provided to recycle the wastes by the autorized organizations to minimize the environmental pollution.
  • It is forbidden to use environmentally hazardous products.